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A Knower of Lower

Hocking Hills, Ohio

Queer Creek meanders through the Hocking Hills State Park occasionally pouring over waterfalls into small tributaries before continuing downstream where it ends up nowhere as far as I can tell. The series of waterfalls are aptly named "Upper", "Middle", "Lower" and "Cedar" indicating their position along the stream. The last being falsely named for the preponderance of Hamlock Trees surrounding the falls which early settlers mistook for Cedars. The wrinkle is that the Middle falls are often mistakenly called the Lower falls. Furthermore, there is a set of falls just ahead of the named Upper falls which would make them the ACTUAL Upper falls. They apparently don't have a name at all. The Lower falls, while lower in elevation than the no-name, Upper and falsely-named Middle falls, are not actually the lower-most falls. That honor belongs to Cedars Falls which should really be named HEMLOCK FALLS! Just upstream of Cedar Falls: Lower Falls; HIGHER and further upstream! And now you know.... Photo © copyright by Craig Kerr.

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