Fine Art Photography

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life - Pablo Picasso

Love what you love.  When choosing a piece of art, sculpture, photography or music "loving it" is prima cosa. Nothing anchors a living space like great art.  Studies find that viewing art positively impacts your health by lowering anxiety, lowering depression and boosting critical thinking skills. Health benefits aside, you should surround yourself with the art you love.

The photo displays I offer are museum-quality prints created to the highest standard available.  Each passes the foremost level of scrutiny I can provide; it has to be something I would display in my own home.  Whatever your style, here is a display and size perfect for your space.

Traditional Photo Prints

A beautiful and classic way to display your photographs is with a traditionally mounted and framed print. Your image printed to the highest standard available using pigment-based inks, 100% cotton rag, archival-quality paper and coatings for vibrant colorfastness, clarity and depth that will last a lifetime. 

All traditional prints are mounted on 2mm acid-free polystyrene allowing for framing without the need for additional mounting and greatly reducing the possibility of being damaged in handling. Please contact me if you prefer/need a traditional loose paper print.

Canvas Gallery Wraps

Canvas Gallery Wraps are a fantastic and popular way to display medium and large-format photographs. Ready-to-hang right out of the box they eliminate the need, cost and weight of additional framing. Canvas wraps allow full edge-to-edge display of your photos and are easily viewed from all angles as the image "wraps" around the frame all the way to the wall.

Gallery wraps are a great option for large rooms with a lot of light as the canvas surface is less reflective than traditional glass or acrylic framing.

High Gloss Metal Prints

Metal prints have striking color depth and contrast and a brilliant glossy finish. Medium and large metal prints can really produce a wow factor unlike other display options. Images with deep color saturation and rich black tones have an extra "pop" when printed on metal and the thick glossy finish has a shiny wet appearance. These ready-to-hang prints come with a sturdy hanging system and appear to float off the wall.

Metal prints are a great choice for a clean, contemporary look without the need for framing.

Acrylic Float Mounts

Acrylic float mounts have a stunning modern art gallery look. Printed on metallic paper and mounted on 3mm DiBond (a lightweight, strong mounting surface) the print is face-mounted to 1/4" clear acrylic and fitted with your choice of mounting system; french cleat or stainless post. Similar to metal prints, acrylic mounts display vibrant color density, deep black tones and sharp contrast.

Choose acrylic mounts for exhibition-level photo displays in your home or business.