Photo Journal

Peace, Valor and Victory
September 2019

The US Army's Honor Guard holds one of the highest bestowed honors in the US Military; the Honor Guard Badge. Fewer than 700 soldiers have ever been awarded this privilege since the Guard's inception in 1958...

Mackinac Island in the Summer
August 2019

If fudge and horses and crowds are your thing, Mackinac Island may be the greatest place you could ever be. A misinterpreted contraction of the Ojibwe word meaning "Big Turtle" (mishimikinaak), Mackinac (pronounced Mackinaw) has a rich history including sacred ground, battle field and world trade center...

Grandparents!  And we've only been married one year.
July 2019

What can be said?  Having children is hard to describe to someone who has never been through the experience.  Like war, probably.  You can only experience having children by having children...

88 Cities - Los Angeles, California
June 2019

Unless you are standing in the middle of the city of Los Angeles it's difficult to look at the city without seeing another city!  Los Angeles County is made up of 88 cities and is the most populous county in the United States...

Ohio Isn't Flat - Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio
May 2019

Flat. Boring. Ugly. That's how people where I live (Michigan) often describe where I'm from (Ohio). If your opinion of a place is decided by driving through on the highway, you should probably just keep that opinion to yourself...

Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness, Arizona
April 2019

Some of the most beautiful and unusual landscape I've seen in the world. So beautiful, in fact, most of it was kept a secret from everyone except local ranchers for decades. I fear for the future of this incredible area as its popularity has already required limiting access with a lottery permit system...

Grand Canyon Village, Arizona
January 2019

Why would anyone get up at 4:30am to stumble to the edge of the Grand Canyon in the middle of Winter? Here are a few reasons. These images would have been impossible any other time of day AND without crampons (and cameras)...

Canyonlands National Park, Utah
March 2018

Some argue Canyonlands National Park has "better" more interesting vistas than the Grand Canyon.  Not worth arguing and not wrong either.  Before the Colorado River cuts through the valley of the Grand Canyon it meanders through Canyonlands NP where it is joined by the Green River just upstream of Lake Powell...

It Starts...Aspen, Colorado
November 2018

Since the journey never ends this seems a good place to touch base; in the middle.  We are in between our home near Detroit and our destinations out West.  Moab, Canyonlands, Arches, Zion, Bryce, Page, Kanab, Phoenix, etc...

Senioritis, Rochester, Michigan
September 2018

Due to our travel schedule we don't shoot many high school senior portraits anymore...but we love them!  Here are our first three of the season; nearly half of what we'll photograph this year.

Stop And Shoot (and smell) The Roses
August 2018

It's a slow travel month but the storm is coming!  Photographing select high school seniors and getting ready for six months in the desert southwest wilderness.

A warm, thick, motionless fog covered everything in a fine mist this morning...

No Longer
July 2018

"Detroit Ruin Porn" is a term coined by a blogger (name?) in 2009.  Putting "Detroit" in front of it just describes a location (some great example here: Our appreciation of rotting antiquity is hardly new...

We Got Married! - Rochester, Michigan
June 2018

Refreshingly odd to be on the lens side of the camera for a change. Photos by Linda Krehbiel, owner of Bella Uno Photography (https://www.bellaunophotograph...).  Movie star good looks: Jackie and I...

Shooting Up Detroit
April 2018

I was commissioned to photograph the city that launched modern day transportation. Many of the city's magnificent and iconic landmarks have long-since fallen or been replaced with parks and parking structures...

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