Photo Journal

Canyonlands National Park, Utah
March 2018

Some argue Canyonlands National Park has "better" more interesting vistas than the Grand Canyon.  Not worth arguing and not wrong either.  Before the Colorado River cuts through the valley of the Grand Canyon it meanders through Canyonlands NP where it is joined by the Green River just upstream of Lake Powell...

Shooting Up Detroit
April 2018

I was commissioned to photograph the city that launched modern day transportation. Many of the city's magnificent and iconic landmarks have long-since fallen or been replaced with parks and parking structures...

Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness
April 2019

Some of the most beautiful and unusual landscape I've seen in the world. So beautiful, in fact, most of it was kept a secret from everyone except local ranchers for decades. I fear for the future of this incredible area as its popularity has already required limiting access with a lottery permit system...

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