Photo Journal: Canyonlands National Park, Utah - March 2018

Some argue Canyonlands National Park has "better" more interesting vistas than the Grand Canyon.  Not worth arguing and not wrong either.  Before the Colorado River cuts through the valley of the Grand Canyon it meanders through Canyonlands NP where it is joined by the Green River just upstream of Lake Powell. Everything inside the "Grand Circle" seems larger and grander...and better.

Canyonlands, Utah, arch, park, photo

Million Man Arch

About 500,000 people visit Canyonlands National Park annually. Probably every one has taken a picture through, of or around Mesa Arch. This image was taken after an 8-hour drive through the night from Phoenix, Arizona and a one hour wait in the dark for the light to be right. It looks pristine and untouched but I could have reached out my arms and touched eight people. Maybe 40 people were shooting the arch at this moment. Felt like a million...

Canyonlands, utah, landscape, mountains, photo

Islands In The Sky

Ten seconds. That’s how long the sun shone on this mesa the morning of May 20th. A progressing overcast layer and mountain range in the East kept the sun out of this valley the entire 2 hours I waited to get a good shot of Islands In The Sky (Canyonlands National Park)…save for these 10 seconds. A glint of sun managed its way between the clouds and the mountain tops just enough to light the top of this rock and the distant valley in the left of the frame. Dark and cold before and after this shot. Don’t cry for me.

Canyonlands, utah, landscape, mountains, river, sunset, photo

Green River Valley

Neither A confluence (the junction of two rivers) nor THE confluence for which the Green River (pictured here) is famous for. THAT confluence is the joining of the Green and Colorado rivers and occurs ten miles downstream in the opposite direction of this photo. I like the word confluence.

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